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Keep the ball rolling and athletes safe with Avant's turf cleaning solutions. Avant is the answer to increased demand for synthetic turf, improved safety, playability and appearance. Proper maintenance of the sports facilities is crucial for safety, health and performance for athletes.

The sports facility maintenance industry has been a growing industry in the United States over the past 5 years due to increased demand for synthetic turf in addition to improved safety, playability and appearance of these facilities.

Proper maintenance is crucial for the overall safety, health and performance of athletes. Timing is essential in order to properly maintain sports fields and extend the life expectancy of these facilities.

Avant keeps your artificial turf clean and safe. The deep cleaning action of the Artificial Turf Attachment (ATA) collects dust particles and other debris hiding beneath the turf fibers to rejuvenate the playing surface, making it safer for athletes of all ages.

The Avant can do more than just clean your artificial turf. With its extensive range of more than 200 attachments, it can be used to clear snow in the winter, maintain flower beds in the spring, collect leaves in the fall, and perform almost any other task required in the sports facility maintenance industry. With Avant, one machine can do all jobs.


• Average fuel consumption less than a gallon per hour

• Easy and inexpensive to service

• Low emissions - catalyzer available


• Work in changing weather conditions

• 3 cab types to suit all uses

• Available with AC and air suspension seat


• Work safely and efficiently

• See what you are doing at all times

• Easier to work in challenging spots such as parking lots


• Easy-to-grasp driving and operating technique

• Compact, agile & easy to control

• Changing attachments is quick and easy


• Drive speed of up to 18.5 mph

• Incredible power-to-weight ratio

• More than 200 attachments to select from

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